Freeze Dried Matters!

Freeze Dried Matters!

Plant to Powder

What method holds superior nutrition?

And why even care?...

The most known methods to extract plants into powder is through heat, typically "high or low", and very few give exact temperatures when they are high.

There are also chemical processes which speed things up sometimes used when Spray Drying.

"Freeze Dried" takes the longest as it is a cold process, is the most expensive, and holds all the nutrition as there is no denaturing of the food.

"Spray Dried" takes the least time with high heat, is cheaper, and there is a fraction of the nutrition left over compared to "Freeze Dried".

How to tell if your plant powder is 

Freeze Dried?

If the label does not say "Freeze Dried", it is surely Spray Dried. The cost difference is vast in time & labor required so any lasting brand would mention the superiority.

It's a hard bullet to bite, but we vowed to always use the methods best suited to hold nutrition. It's why we choose all Freeze Dried options in our Tropics product.

We applaud all brands who Freeze Dry!

It's a sacrifice to the brand financial wise but what we gain is supplying the highest grade in the world from farmed products. We are willing to do it for your and my family.

Tony Meives






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