Overlooked Trick in Building Immunity

Overlooked Trick in Building Immunity

Immune system strength is important to all of us.  It protects not only us, but every person we regularly come in contact with.

Often overlooked, is "micro dosing" varieties of immune supportive foods daily. 

Micro dosing is basically taking in small amounts of several different powerful foods, rather than focusing on only 1 or 2 main plants in one single bout.

It's counter to the commonality of people only ingesting large amounts of vitamin C when they're not feeling well, which is not ideal.

Your immune system is built when you're feeling well, so micro dosing a variety of 5-15 plants daily gives it constant nourishment to thrive.

This is the exact reasoning we created our organic greens product.  We know it's hard to do every day, so no matter what when we take this, we are getting 9 of the most powerful plants on the planet.  However, we still eat vegetables.  In fact, I find it actually motivates others and myself to eat more vegetables.

If you'd like help filling in the gaps, definitely check our greens out!  It's something I've learned to even love when traveling when we have forced dietary changes.

Give plenty, train hard, and eat well!


Tony Meives

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