Maximize Muscle  
& Support Local Farmers

No fillers, just the highest quality cold-filtered whey protein isolate from local farms with happy cows. 
  • 1 - 5 Simple, Clean Ingredients

  • 28g Protein Per Serving

  • Easy Digestion & Virtually Lactose Free

  • Trusted Family Owned Since 1954

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  • Virtually Lactose Free

    Easy digestion with no bloat for maximum absorption
  • Fast Delivery

    All whey ships same day or next business day for just $1 
  • Locally Sourced

    Support local farm families and enjoy fresh clean whey 
  • Happiness Guarantee

    We back our whey 100% with our money back guarantee

You're going to love Pure Choice Whey,
but don't take our word for it.

“I'm 100% thrilled with this Protein and the company. The ingredients list is a few words. It's 100% made and processed in the USA. Sourced From American Farmers and Cows. ”

Bradley R.

“Honestly the best protein I have ever had. I have tried vanilla, Chocolate, and peanut butter. They are all subtle flavors with no gross after taste. I have a very sensitive stomach to dairy and lactose. This protein doesn't give me bubbly guts, bad poop, or bad farts!”

Pamela A.

“Mixes better than any other brand I’ve tried before. Taste is just right, not too sweet and not too bland. I love the fact that it only has a few ingredients and isn’t loaded with fillers. This is my new go-to protein powder.”

Lonnie. S

Take $10 off your first order!

Superior Protein Quality & Maximum Absorption

Our cold filtration uses low temperatures to separate impurities from whey protein.

This retains the natural structure and integrity of the protein molecules, minimizing denaturation and preserving the bioavailability and quality of the protein. As a result, our whey has higher protein content and a more complete amino acid profile.

From Local Farms to Your Shaker Bottle

Did you know Whey Protein is a bi-product of the cheesemaking process?

Pure Choice Farms has a legacy in Wisconsin agriculture dating back to 1954. Now bringing you the highest quality, food grade whey protein isolate, we've cut out every middle man possible connecting you to the local farm.

3rd Party Tested Every Batch

Pure Choice Whey protein is "Food Grade," meaning it surpasses rigorous testing and adheres to stringent food regulations set by the Department of Agriculture for every single batch.

With our process, you'll never have to worry about banned substances. Our high standards ensure that our whey protein is a safe and reliable source of nutrition, free from harmful bacteria and metals.

Try Pure Choice Risk-Free

Take $10 off your first order, backed by our farmers happiness guarantee. Once you try cold-filtered whey isolate you don't go back. Fuel your body and maximize your muscle gains all while supporting local farmers. 

Commitment To Quality & Agricultural Legacy

Our family migrated from Switzerland to Wisconsin in 1954 to make cheese. Now our Wisconsin-based family-owned business carries on the agricultural legacy by connecting you with the local farm for food-grade whey protein and micronutrient powders.