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Organic Powdered Superfood Greens

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Digestion & immune system in mind, our Greens Superfood blend is sourced from 9 Organic plants taking away every excuse to not get your daily greens in with epic variety.

💚 Improved Digestion Guaranteed 

💚 Phytochemicals & Antioxidants

💚 Natural Anti Inflammatory 

💚 100% Organic USA Grown

We believe in the power of food, so we only used plants for our Greens Superfood. No fillers, tricky secret blends, or magical formula.

This has been an incredible game changer for the consistency in our entire family's vegetable intake. We still like to eat vegetables, but we never miss days here or there anymore compromising our best.

100% Organic

💚 Kale
💚 Alfalfa
💚 Wheatgrass
💚 Barley Grass
💚 Lemon Juice
💚 Astragalus
💚 Spirulina
💚 Oat Grass
💚 Chlorella

You will feel better!
Our Farmers guarantee it! 🧑‍🌾
Warm Regards,
Your Farm Fam