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Ultimate Superfood Greens & Tropics Combo

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Superfood Greens & Tropics Combo
Boast your Immune System with our the 325% of Vitamin C from Organic plants in every serving!
We have yet to find any product with this many powerful organic exotic plants like this.

The quality of this tropical blend surpasses anything "alike" because we're using the most nutritious fruits in the world packed with not only more, but higher quality antioxidants without any fillers.

Can you imagine how you'd feel if over the course of years consistently taking in 8 of the most Nutrient Dense Organic plants in the entire 🌎?

It was nearly impossible, until recently, when we sourced 18 different plants, from our Greens Blend all in the United States, to our Tropics Blend from the most exotic regions of the 🌎 where the most nutritious sources can be found.

We're also solving a major issue of waste with over 50% of produce in the USA spoiling every year.  Our family was guilty of this too often before we implemented these products. Their 2 year shelf life ensures you will not waste it.
We guarantee you will feel better giving it a try, and always will!