Mission & History

Mission & History
"We aid sustainable family oriented agriculture by bringing you farm fresh protein & powerful nutritious plant blends cutting out every middle man possible connecting you to the farm."



1954 | Grandpa William Lehner migrates from Switzerland to Wisconsin in 1954.


1954 - 1979 | William Lehner worked in several cheese factories ending with Ryser Brothers cheese in Mt. Horeb, WI.

1979 | After saving for 25 years, William Lehner lived his dream by starting Valley View Cheese Co in South Wayne, WI.


1985 | James Meives starts Chula Vista Cheese Co with William Lehner's daughter, Mary Meives.


1985 - 2014 | With almost 3 additional decades of cheesemaking, James & Mary retire.

2012 - present | James' & Mary's son, Tony Meives, continues the tradition with Pure Choice Farms and starts with cheese's byproduct, whey.


2021 | Pure Choice Farms connects with other farming sources world wide bringing us the most powerful plant sources in the world.


2023 | To be continued...