How much protein can be digested per meal?!...

How much protein can be digested per meal?!...

How Much Protein Can Be Digested Per Meal?

The simple answer here is:  100%


You digest 100% of the protein you eat, no matter the amount.

What most people mean when they wonder about this is how much protein is optimal for health and recovery? 

We suggest eating at least 20 grams of complete protein per meal because multiple studies have concluded that number to be the amount needed for an anabolic response.

We suggest 0.6 - 1.5 grams of protein per pound of bodyweight daily.

The flex comes with how much you enjoy protein in your diet combined with how often/intense you work out, particularly with weight training.

There are misguided views that conclude eating too much protein is horrible for you, partly due to 1 study from 30+ years ago which was done on a group with kidney problems. 

Of course every nutrient can be taken in excess.

However, it is extremely difficult to get even 1 gram of protein per pound daily without something convenient like whey protein. 

Give plenty, train hard, and eat well!

Tony Meives


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