Food Vs. Supplement

Food Vs. Supplement

What makes a product a Food Vs. Supplement?

We'll keep it simple!

Every brand I personally know who sells whey gets it as a Food grade product. However, they mix, blend and dilute X & Y artificial ingredients, fillers, or cheap amino acids which then deems the product a supplement.

The result? You pay more as it is then sales taxable and they can be less transparent.

The #1 filler added to whey are amino acids. This is simply a marketing strategy to say, "we added this and that makes it better". In actuality, you do not want amino spiked whey because the amino profile in whey is already incredible and the source of the added "aminos" will never be disclosed giving you a questionable level of "quality" added. 

Ask yourself or someone you know who has taken supplemental Aminos or BCAA's, "What food were they derived from?" No one ever knows which is questionable.

Adding aminos also dilutes the amount of whey you purchased.

My family has been in Agriculture for almost 7 decades, and we have yet to figure out where supplemental amino acids are derived from because no company discloses it. 

When it comes to our Greens or fruit (Tropics) products, the same rules apply with different additives. These include supplement sweeteners and/or filler ingredients.

No matter the product, when additives are used which are supplemental, the product is a supplement. Supplements are subject to sales tax and the laws are loosely monitored.

Give plenty, train hard, and eat well!

Tony Meives


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