Whey Isolate Vs. Concentrate

Whey Isolate Vs. Concentrate
What is superior?
Whey protein isolate or whey protein Concentrate?



Whey protein isolate goes through an extra filtration step which removes almost all of the lactose and fat.

This can be a "denaturing" process for whey, unless you use cold water microfiltration like we do at 80-90 degrees.

I own a gym in Madison, WI where I've worked with countless people on their diet. Whey protein concentrate tends to not digest well with many people.

I have had dozens of instances where an individual thinks they can not ingest whey, and it's always because the only whey they have tried was a whey protein concentrate.

The reason most brands use whey protein concentrate is because it is much cheaper to produce.

Whey Protein Concentrate
- Lower protein quantity and quality
- High in lactose
- Cheaper
- Harder digestion process

Whey Protein Isolate
- Highest protein & quality
- Virtually zero lactose
- Costs a little more
- Highest bio-availability of every food protein in the world

Informing you is what we love!

Thank You!

Questions, Concerns, and Love are Welcome!

Tony Meives

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